Get Your Loved One Released Fast

Take advantage of our assault charge and domestic violence bonds in El Paso, TX

Do you know someone who was recently put behind bars? Depending on the crime, you may only have 48 hours to pay the bail after it's been posted. If you need help covering the cost, call Affordable Bail Bonds in El Paso, TX. We offer everything from assault charge bonds to driving while intoxicated (DWI) bonds.

We'll first conduct a background check to assess any risks. Then, we'll charge a percentage of the bond and ask for a cosigner and collateral. Once all the paperwork is filled out, we'll post the bail. You can expect your loved one to be released within two to eight hours. Contact us now to find out more.

Explore all of the bonds we offer

Your bond is determined by the crime you were charged with. But not to worry, because we offer a wide variety of bail bonds, including:

  • DWI bonds
  • Assault charge bonds
  • Domestic violence bonds
  • Alien smuggling bonds
  • Drug possession bonds

Please note we only accept payment in cash. Learn more about our domestic violence bonds by calling 915-351-7002 today.